Rainforest Reverie

                                                       This must have been what it was like

                   one fall day before the white man,

                   thousand-year-old trees towering

                   shining river running, verdant valleys

                   filled with ferns and insects buzzing

                   moccasins on the feet of Ho and Quinault

                   enjoying the dryness of days

                   before the clouds seep

                   endless rain again, a chorus of elk

                   bugling in harmony with children playing

                   the return of salmon means good eating

                   around an early evening campfire

                   while the orange sun setting

                   stirs reminders to offer thanksgiving

                   for the blessings of such a day.


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Summer Sweetness

We stand

Shoulder to shoulder

At the kitchen counter

Over ripe red fruits

Soft and plump

Admiring the summer’s bounty:

A miracle of dark earth,

Refreshing rain

Roots and vines

Hot sun

And bees that helped to pollinate.

We work

Up to our elbows

In juice and flesh

As we fill the pot

Mash them

Heat them up

Cook them down

Take in the fresh aroma

As they spit

And froth

And finally give in to softness.

We strain

Arms turning

In unison

Our dualing sieves

Break them down

Grind them

Remove peels

And seeds and cores

To reward us

With the fine red pulp

That we cherish for its beauty.

We smile

Washing jars

Steam rising

Lids boiling


As our tomato sauce

And our love


To the simple


Essence of summer sweetness.

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