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A sampling of topics:

ArtLife: Make Every Day Creative To Make Your Life a Work of Art

Creativity is alive in the act of painting a picture, writing a poem or composing a symphony, but it’s also an attitude that can permeate and enrich our daily life. Bringing a focus toward creativity can make us healthier and happier, and help to satisfy our inner spirit in the search for meaning. Recover your innate curiosity and wonder. Find serendipity at every turn. Follow intuition toward your own ArtLife.

Mandala – Window to the Soul

Map your life at this moment, explore the meditative space of your own deep knowing, and create a mandala that’s an expression of your journey right now.  Fun and meaningful to anyone, regardless of artistic ability. Learn techniques for making mandalas, and take home what you learn to use it over and over again. Explore the meaning of symbols, colors and numbers in your mandala, and the meaning of the mandala itself.

Your Creative Brain

Want to become more creative? This workshop looks to the latest in brain science to show you how.  Explore the different “brainsets” of creativity, identify creative strengths based on an easy-to-use model, and learn how to improve areas of weakness.  Tips and exercises in this workshop provide practical strategies for building creative capacity.

Writing Workshop for Women

Explore the richness of your lives as women through writing. Use journaling, poetry, memoir and more as touchstones to deeper awareness and connection. Document your experiences as daughters, mothers, sisters, and friends. Gain understanding to change your life and change the world.

Creating a Sense of Place in Film

Draw audiences into your world by creating a “sense of place.” How filmmakers can use nature, history, art, culture, and people to ground viewers in the unique locale of their story.

Oral History Projects

Learn the necessary steps and stages of conducting an oral history project, whether it’s to document history, preserve memories, archive learning, or celebrate progress.  Practical tips, exercises and motivation to get your group going in an especially rewarding and valuable form of media.


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